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Braces Alternatives for Adults: Affordable Clear Aligner Options

Adults need to straighten and maintain their teeth just like teens do. But we don’t want to be seen with metal-wired braces attached to our teeth. Luckily, dozens of brace alternatives now exist in the dental correction market, so adults can pick and choose the ideal option that works best with their lifestyle. Here are the major drawbacks of wearing metal braces and why all adults should choose brace alternatives.

Metal Braces vs Clear Aligners

Metal braces are unsightly and ugly – The dull silver braces sit on your teeth, visible for the entire world to see. There’s no way to avoid showing them off every time you open your mouth.

Constant maintenance – Metal braces require tons of repair and maintenance. Between endless dentist visits, brushing three to four times a day, and avoiding a whole list of foods, taking care of metal braces is a chore. If you do it wrong or don’t care for your metal braces well enough, you will have to pay extra to have the braces repaired, or else your teeth will be forever damaged.

Mouth pain – because the metal braces require tightening from time to time, you will feel pain in your mouth and around your gums. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, the pain might be unbearable, or it will feel like nothing. The only way to know how the pain will affect you is to experience it.

Metal braces are expensive and ugly. What other options do I have instead?

While many people wear metal braces, they do it while in middle or high school. It is during these years when it is socially acceptable to wear them. After graduating high school, you will see very few people who wear braces. The absence of braces is not because people don’t care about their teeth. Most people now choose to wear a bracing alternative, which could be veneers, a retainer, aligners, or have their teeth straightened by accelerated orthodontics. If a college student has braces, it is usually Invisalign braces. Invisalign braces are more expensive, but people will gladly pay the higher price.

Now that students have graduated and are now in charge of their work schedule and their finances, they can also embrace the many different payment options that help them afford more expensive brace alternatives. But how do these alternatives work?

Braces Alternatives

Accelerated orthodontics – This option is the most expensive in the dental care world. In exchange for its high price, accelerated orthodontics will straighten a person’s teeth in half the time of regular metal braces. But only full-grown adults are eligible for this option, as their jawbones are already formed. Accelerated orthodontics straightens a person’s teeth by weakening their jaw bone so the dentists can move a person’s teeth with pressure.

Retainers: Perhaps the most popular alternative among adults, retainers are used mostly to retain the shape of teeth after a person’s braces are removed. They are designed to be worn at night when the person is asleep. Depending on how severely crooked your teeth originally were, you may have to wear your retainer every night.

Clear aligners – Clear aligners are strong enough to straighten your teeth but can be removed when you eat and drink. Clear braces are slightly more expensive than metal braces but so much more convenient.

Veneers: Instead of maintaining the teeth you already have, why not get new ones? A brand new beautiful set of teeth that don’t develop cavities or plaque. Do you ever wonder how Hollywood actors and actresses get such beautiful teeth? Well, they may be able to afford the best dental care in the world, but their hidden secret is veneers. But once these stars install a set of veneers on their teeth, you can never go back. Their teeth must be filed down into stumps so the veneers can fit in their mouth. So you have better be sure if you want them!

Byte Aligners as a Braces Alternative

Byte Aligners are much more versatile than other types of braces. Byte aligners are indeed more expensive than traditional metal braces, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Since they are completely see-through, no one will know that you have them on. Their invisibility is especially great if you have an office or customer service job where you must look presentable. Metal braces are never regarded as professional.

Another great benefit of the Byte Aligners is how easy they are to clean and maintain. You won’t have to hassle with constant dentist visits and meticulous brushing and washing. Just take the byte aligners out whenever you need to and wash them by hand. That’s all!

Finally, you don’t have to schedule a long trip to the dentist to get your first fitting. The impression kit can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Byte Aligners, down payment$349
Byte Aligners, per month$83 a month
Byte Aligners, per month, total$2,763
Bye Aligners, one payment$1,895

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