byte invisible aligners reviews

Byte Invisible Aligners Reviews – Does it Really Work?

Are you tired of having crooked teeth? If your dental issues are causing you to lose confidence in social settings, it's time to sort that out.

Byte offers an at-home teeth-straightening solution to help you get the smile you deserve. Our Byte, invisible aligners reviews unpack everything you need to know about this miracle at-home teeth-straightening system.

Is Byte the right choice for your at-home teeth straightening? Let's take a look at the offer from this leading brand.


Byte Invisible Aligner Reviews

Byte might be a newcomer to the teeth-straightening industry, but it's making a big splash with its value offer. Byte offers treatment costs in line with the market leaders. However, they provide more value than Smile Direct Club and other brands, thanks to the HyperByte device's inclusion in the deal.

Byte is a top choice for at-home teeth straightening. Order your impression kit today, and find out if you qualify for the treatment. With Byte, you could have a new smile in as little as three to six months; take action to fix your smile and check out the Byteme website today.

Byte Pros and Cons

  • At-home smile correction – no need to visit the dentist/orthodontist
  • Remote clinical support available 7-days a week
  • Dentist directed care
  • Hyperbyte device and retainers included with your purchase
  • Night-time solution available
  • Average treatment times three to six months
  • Works with insurance
  • Payment plans available
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Not suitable for resolving serve problems with tooth gapping and crowding
  • Not direct orthodontic oversight of the treatment process
  • Night-time treatment is twice as long as a daytime treatment

What Is Byte?

Byte is a newcomer to the at-home teeth alignment market. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Blake Johnson and Scott Cohen in 2017, and Byte started offering aligners in early 2019.

Despite the company's newcomer status, its making waves in the at-home teeth alignment industry. The company already has thousands of satisfied clients, and they continue to take market share from the leaders like SmileDirectClub and Candid.

The key to Bytes' overnight success is the quality of its offering and the affordable treatment price point. When you sign up with Byte, you get access to proprietary technology in the Hyperbyte system. The Hyperbyte is unique to the byte treatment plan, and we think it's the secret to the company's success.

Byte continues to climb the rankings as the best invisible aligner solution. We expect that the company continues to grow in the years ahead, and we can expect it to start challenging the top players' dominance.

How Does Byte Work?

If you're ready to take action to fix your teeth, order your home impression kit from the official Byteme website. After receiving your kit, take your impressions – the process takes around 15-minutes to complete.

After mailing in your impressions, you wait for the Byte team to assess the molds and get back to you regarding your treatment approval. If approved, you'll need to make your payment for your treatment or sign up for a monthly installment plan using BytePay.

The Byte team mails you all your aligners at once, including the Hyperbyte device and custom retainers. You start your treatment plan as directed by the Byte dental team. During your treatment, you have remote access to a group of qualified doctors that track your progress.

You'll move through one aligner after another, spending around 2-weeks with each of them. The aligners offer a slow progression to your teeth straightening that s comfortable. When first using the aligner, you might notice light pressure on your teeth.

The pressure is common, and it fades after a few minutes with the aligners in position. To seat the aligner properly, Byte includes the innovative "Hyperbyte" device. You fit the aligner to the Hyperbyte device and activate it as you're installing the aligner into your top or lower jaw.

The Hyperbyte device emits sonic pulses that "shake" the aligner into place, allowing optimal fitment. As a result, you get a perfect fit, speeding up your treatment time.

The best part about Byte's smile correction is that you never have to visit the dentist or orthodontist's office. Byte offers a complete at-home treatment, with remote monitoring by real dentists. This strategy saves you thousands on your treatment when compared to traditional orthodontic options like braces and Invisalign.

What Does Byte Cost?

Byte is a newcomer to the smile correction space. However, they entered the market at an affordable price point, slightly under the competitors. SmileDirectClub is the market leader, and they offer you a similar treatment for $1,950.

However, Byte charge $1,895 for the cash price on its treatment, and you get the Hyperbyte device included in your treatment cost. That's a significant saving and a great value offer when you consider that no other at-home smile correction service offers a similar device to the HyperByte.

Byte offers you an option for paying cash upfront, and they also provide treatments on credit using the in-house Bytepay option. With Bytepay, you can take your smile correction on credit, with $349 down and 29-monthly payments of $83. Now you can get the smile you deserve without breaking your bank account.

Comparing the costs of Byte to traditional orthodontic solutions, you'll find that you're saving up to 80%. Conventional systems like Invisalign and braces can cost up to $8,000 for the treatment. You'll be walking in and out of your orthodontist's office every other month, adding to your treatment cost.

Comparing the results of Byte vs Invisalign, we find that for minor issues with crowding and gapping, Byte is every bit as effective as Invisalign or braces.

How Do I Start with Byte?

Starting with Byte is easy. Visit the official website and order your impression kit. The kit costs $95, and if the Byte team decides you don't qualify, Byte refunds you.

After receiving your kit, take your impressions and send them in. there's no need to visit a dentist or orthodontist.

Byte works with a remote dental team, providing you with expert care from its partners. You get remote access to a group of qualified orthodontic professionals and dentists assigned to your treatment for expert care.

frequently asked questions

Does Byte offer discounts?

Yes, Byte is having a holiday sale on the company's official site. Save $100 on the cost of your treatment this festive season.

Can Byte correct my condition?

Yes, Byte is suitable for straightening teeth with minor gapping and spacing problems. Complete the impression kit, send it to Byte HQ, and see if you qualify for the treatment.

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

It depends. If you have minor dental issues with spacing and gaps, the Byte is the better choice. You'll save money with Byte compared to an orthodontic solution like Invisalign.

However, Invisalign is the better option for severe dental issues. With Invisalign, you get a periodic inspection and follow up with a qualified orthodontist.

Does Byte really work?

Yes! Byte really works! The company tracks its Google reviews, and they currently have a 4.9-star rating, with more than 3,100 reviews.

Is Byte safe?

Yes, Byte is entirely safe to use. The company has several features in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, InStyle, and the Harvard Medical School Review.

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