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Byte vs Smile Direct Club: Expert Recommendation

While historically braces were the only way to straighten teeth, new direct-to-consumer companies such as Byte and Smile Direct Club are offering teeth straightening treatments from the comfort of your home.  Byte and Smile Direct Club are two of the most popular options and in this article we compare the treatment options, average treatment time, costs, and financing options.  

These invisible braces allow you to straighten your teeth without painful wires all while saving a lot of money in the process and avoiding unnecessary trips to the orthodontist office.     

In this review for Byte vs Smile Direct Club, we have taken an in-depth look at reviews across the web as well as the product websites to give you a comprehensive, balanced perspective.  

So, how can you decide which company is the best investment for your smile? In this article, we will look at the main differences between byte and Smile Direct Club to make an informed decision before you buy it. After all, your smile defines you; you want to treat it well with the right set of invisible braces.

Byte aligner Review

Byte is the newest teeth straightening option in the market.  With its HyperByte technology, customers can get straight teeth in as little as 3 months

4.5 / 5

byte reviews


3 months



At-home impression kit




Smile direct Club review

Popular teeth straightening option with in-person and at-home options.

4 / 5

smile direct club reviews


6 months



At-home impression kit




byte vs smile direct club – The Verdict

While Byte and SmileDirectClub are both great options, we recommend Byte given its shorter treatment time (3 months), great pricing ($1,895), and extremely easy user experience (easy to use impression kit).  We liked Byte's HyperByte technology that uses gentle vibrations to move teeth easily and quickly for a better smile.    

Byte is able to correct most minor cases of misalignment and we found that the self-administered Byte impression kit was extremely easy to use,  

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Byte Vs. Smile Direct Club: The Breakdown

Let's take a look at each step of the entire process to determine which company offers the best treatment for the price.

Impressions and molding – BYTE Wins

While both companies offer excellent customer service around their impression kits and molding process, Byte comes out slightly on top.

The Byte impression kit is available online for the price of $95 and the company occasionally runs special discounts that allow you to get the impression kit for under $50. 

The impression kit is the first step to get your customized treatment plan and invisible braces.  The impression kit includes the following items:

  • Impression trays
  • Molding putty
  • Putty Gloves
  • Smile Stretcher
  • Free Return Shipping Process 

To make sure that you send quality impressions, Byte gives you to chances to do the top and bottom impressions.  We found the impression kit very easy to use and it took less than 20 minutes to take our impressions.  

After taking the teeth impressions, you can send your molds to Byte for analysis by their dental experts using the included free shipping box.  

As for Smile Direct Club, the kit costs nearly half, at just $49, including overnight shipping. However, in addition to the price factor, users also can visit a physical location called a SmileShop. At these SmileShops, experts can take digital scans of your teeth rather than using an impression.

For those that live near a SmileShop, Smile Direct Club offers a free scan is that can potentially be more accurate than at home impressions and is also free of charge.  That being said, in the time of a global pandemic, it may not be the optimal choice.  

The Ruling:

We think Byte wins here given the more affordable cost of the impression kit and extremely easy mold process.  For those that want to spend a bit more or want to get impressions done at a physical location, Smile Direct Club's in-store scanning option could be a great option.

Wearable Aligners – Byte Wins

If you choose Smile Direct Club, they will analyze your scans and impressions and then ship you a customized set of aligners. The standard treatment plan lasts from six to eight weeks. You will also need to wear the aligners at least 22 hours per day to see the desired results.

However, if you choose the Byte aligner treatment, you have a few more options. Byte offers two types of aligners. The first option is very similar to the one provided by Smile Direct Club. You will receive up to 20 sets of aligners through the post, and you are supposed to use each one in progression until your teeth become straight.

This is where Byte sets itself apart from other companies. Byte has invented the revolutionary "HyperByte" device that will kick your treatment into high gear. With the HyperByte technology, wearers can complete their treatment and see results in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

In addition to the HyperByte device, Byte also offers a nighttime solution. You are only required to wear the nighttime aligners around 10 hours a day, which can be worn when you sleep. The nighttime treatment is more expensive and more costly. Still, it is excellent for those who are looking to avoid wearing aligners in the daytime.

The Ruling

Byte wins this round hands down. With the HyperByte technology and the option to wear aligners at night, Byte will fix your teeth in less time and with greater options.

Cost – Draw

Byte offers its invisible braces package for a price of $1,895. However, as previously mentioned, Byte has several options that cost considerably more than the standard package such as the "Byte-at-Night" kit that costs $2,245.

Smile Direct Club's treatment costs $1,950 and has an extended treatment plan that offers additional aligners and therapy for just $300 more.

In addition to the cost of treatment, the impression kits' price must be considered as well. The Smile Direct Impression kit costs just $49, while with Byte, it is under $40 with the discount. Smile Direct Club also offers a free scan if you go in person.

The Ruling

On a cost-basis, Byte is a bit more affordable with all the discounts, but the total difference is not great.  However, both options are significantly cheaper than braces and other options such as Invisalign.  While Smile Direct Club has cheaper additional offerings and has a more expensive extended plan, each company's essential services are the same. When considering the same in-home-treatment option plans, the extra options are negligible. Both companies come out of this one with a draw.

Treatment Duration – Byte Wins

With the standard option offered by Smile Direct Club, the treatment will last wearers from four to six months. Thanks to the HyperByte device, byte cuts that treatment time down to around 3 months on average.

HyperByte technology helps to penetrate and vibrate your gums, so your teeth shift into their correct position faster.  

The Ruling

Byte also takes this category thanks to the accelerated straightening times of HyperByte.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose Byte or Smile Direct Club?

Our recommendation is that choose Byte in most cases.  We like Byte's average treatment time of 3 months and affordable impression kit that costs less than $5o.  The proprietary HyperByte technology is also unique.  You should choose Smile Direct Club if you have SmileShop near  you and prefer to get your impressions done in-person.    

What is the fastest home aligner company?

Byte is the fastest.  The 3 month average treatment time is significantly faster than Smile Direct Club and Candid that have average treatment times of more than 4 months.  The average treatment time for braces and Invisalign is much longer and can take more than a year.  

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

Byte works better for those with mild or minor cases of teeth misalignment.  The HyperByte technology can help straighten teeth in as little as 3 months.  Invisalign is better for those that have severe teeth alignment issues and require a hands-on treatment that is guided in-person by an orthodontist or dentist.    

Which is cheaper Smile Direct or Byte?

Byte is cheaper at a cost of $1,895 for the treatment and an impression kit cost of under $50.  Smile Direct Club is more expensive with its treatment costing $1,950 and impression kit cost a little bit extra as well.  

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