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Byteme Reviews: Our Honest Comparison

Invisible braces are the newest technology for those looking to fix crooked teeth and seeking a better smile.  Previously metal braces were the only option to straighten teeth and that required frequent visits to the orthodontist.  

Companies such as Byte, Smile Direct Club, and Invisalign have all entered the market looking to provide orthodontist-direct teeth alignment options with remote monitoring.  

Our goal for this Byteme review is to give a perspective on the average treatment time, treatment options, costs, and financing options so that you can decide if Byte's clear aligners are the right choice for you.  


Byteme Review

Is Byte worth it? After reviewing everything the company offers, we think Byte has the most competitive offer in terms of price and technology. Byte provides daytime and nighttime aligner solutions, at an affordable price point, with guaranteed results.

The standout value-add from the Byte team is its Hyperbyte device. When starting your treatment, everyone wants to get the fastest results possible. With the Hyperbyte device, the company makes a speedy treatment time a reality for its customers with average treatment times of 3 months.  

Byteme is an excellent choice for your teeth straightening, and you can start your treatment by visiting the Byteme website to order your impression kit today.

Byte's treatment typically costs $1,895 and the impression kit costs $95. The company is currently running a special discount offer that is 75% off the impression kit + $100 off the aligner treatment + Free Free BrightByte Pro LED Teeth Whitening

Byte Pros and Cons


  • Orthodontic-quality dental treatments at home
  • Never set foot in a dentist's office
  • Three to six month treatment period
  • Innovative Hyperbyte system fast-tracks treatment
  • Nighttime plans available with Byte-at-Night
  • Credit option through Bytepay
  • HSA/FSA debit card payments accepted


  • No in-person option for teeth scanning services like SmileDirectClub and Candid

Byteme review: What is it?

Byte allows you to build back your confidence with its at-home orthodontic solution for your crooked teeth. If you're dealing with minor gapping and crowding of your teeth, Byte can help. The company offers you a set of aligners that progress your teeth through a repositioning process that can bring straighter teeth in as little as 3 months.  

By the end of the Byte treatment, your teeth are perfectly straight, and you'll have the smile of your dreams. Byteme aligners come as a part of a custom treatment plan created just for you by real dental professionals.

The Byte team monitors your treatment through every step of the process, ensuring you get positive results from the process. You wear the Byte aligners for 22-hours a day, taking them out to eat and drink. After the treatment period ends, you'll keep your teeth in place using a custom retainer built by the Byte dental team.

Some people might have an issue with wearing retainers during the day. Maybe you're a legal professional, and you spend hours in court, or you're a salesperson, and you need to speak with clients during the day.

If that's the case, you can opt for the Byte-at-Night treatment. The Byte-at-Night program allows you to wear your aligners for 12-hours a day, freeing you up during the day.

However, with this therapy, you'll double your treatment time to around 6-months. The total treatment time depends on the extent of the changes required to correct your smile.

Byte Reviews Before and After

Byte's reviews for before and after treatment are extremely positive.  Below are some examples of before and after smiles after using the Byte treatment.  

byte before and after
byte after treatment

What does Byteme cost?

Byte is one of the more affordable at-home teeth straightening services. You get a cash price of $1,895 for the daytime aligners and $2,295 for the Byte-at-Night solution.

Fortunately, you have the option of picking up the system on credit, using the Bytepay in-house financial service. With Bytepay, you get the daytime aligner system for a down payment of $349 and 29-monthly payments of $83.

For the Byte-at-Night system, Bytepay charges a downpayment of $449, with 29-monthly payments of $99. The Byte at night system comes with the Byte Protection plan, featuring extra retainers and free replacements for lost or stolen aligners or retainers. That's a $779 value included in your Bytepay payment plan.

Comparing Byte to other market leaders like Candid and SmileDirectClub, we find that the Byte offer is more affordable. SmileDirectClub clocks in with a $1,950 cash price, while Candid offers you its treatment for $2,400 upfront.

With Byte, you get a better treatment cost, and the company includes the Hyperbyte device in your treatment for free. If you're taking the Byte-at-Night system on credit, then you're getting an additional $750+ value ahead of what the competition offers.

How Do I Start With Byteme?

Starting with Byteme is easy. Long onto the company's official site and create an account. Order your Byte impression kit for $95, and Byte ships it directly to your door.

When your kit arrives, take your impressions, and mail them back to the Byte dental team. From there, you need to wait for up to 2-weeks for the Byte team to assess your impressions. If you qualify for treatment, the Byte team notifies you through your account, and you can pay for your treatment costs using cash upfront or take it on credit with Bytepay.

After your aligners arrive, start your treatment under the supervision of a trained dental professional. You interact with the dentist through your account interface on your PC, laptop, or mobile device. The professional guides you through the treatment process, telling you when to change aligners.

At the end of the treatment, you have a set of perfectly straight teeth. The daytime system's average treatment times are three months, with Byte-at-Night therapy taking up to 6-months to achieve optimal results.

Byte vs Smile Direct Club

Byte and Smile Direct Club are two of the most popular invisible braces options.  For most patients, we recommend Byte given the more affordable pricing of $1,895 compared to Smile Direct Club cost of $1,950.  The impression kit for Byte is also a bit cheaper with the discount at just under $30. 

Byte also has a faster average treatment time of 3 months compared to the Smile Direct Club average treatment time of more than 4 months.  Smile Direct Club is a good option for those that live near a Smile Shop and want to get an impression done at a studio, It is important to that Smile Direct Club reviews are as also quite positive.  

We found Byte's at-home impression kit easy enough and don't think it is necessary to go in-person for impressions.  

Byte vs Invisalign

Byte and Invisalign both seek to address teeth straightening at home using invisible braces.  While Invisalign has been around much long, it costs more money and requires in-person dental oversight.  It is an optimal option for those with severe cases of teeth misalignment that cannot be treated using a remote-based option.

Invisalign is much more expensive and can cost several thousand dollars and have treatment times longer than 6 months.  That is why we recommend that Byte is a better fit more most customers given the better pricing and faster treatment time.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Byte really work?

Yes, Byte works! Byte can straighten teeth in as little as 3 months.  The company collects Google reviews from verified clients and currently has more than 3,100 testimonials, with an average 4.9-star rating. Byte is a credible company, featuring in the pages of leading media publications like Forbes, Men's Health, and the Harvard Medical School review.

Is Byte or Smile Direct better?

Byte is a better option for those looking for a blend between affordability and fast treatment.  Byte is cheaper with a cost of $1,895 compared to the Smile Direct Cost of $1,950 for the treatment.  Byte has a faster treatment time of only 3 months.  Smile Direct Club is a better option for those that want to get an impression done in person. 

How much does Byte cost a month?

Byte costs $1,895 for the full treatment and a little under $100 for the initial impression kit.  If you can't make the $1,895 cash-up-front price, Byte offers you in-house credit with "Bytepay." With Bytepay, you can take your treatment on credit for $349 down and 29 monthly installments of $83. Therefore, taking it on credit gives you a total of $2,763 for your treatment plan.

Byte is our recommendation for Clear aligner treatment

Byte offers treatment times in as little as 3 months and utilizes a proprietary HyperByte technology.  

Special Offer: Byte is also running a limited time special that offers 75% off its impression kit and $100 off aligner treatment and free BrightByte Pro LED teeth whitening kit.   

byte impression kit

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