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Candid Aligners Reviews: Is This the Best Option?

You're staring in the mirror and decide it's time to do something about your teeth. That minor overcrowding of your lower teeth is starting to wear on your self-confidence.

What if there was a technology to help you correct your smile at-home? No dentists, no braces, and no procedures required? Candid offers you a professional smile correction treatment at a fraction of the cost of orthodontic care.

Is Candid the real deal? Or is it a scam? Our Candid aligners reviews will unpack everything you need to know about this smile correction service.



Candid is a great option for those considering an at-home teeth straightening treatment plan.  We believe Candid is an exceptionally value given that it uses orthodontists to monitor you progress along with using top quality materials to construct the aligners (BPA free plastic).  The process getting started is super easy and affordable and can be done using an at-home impression kit that creates a digital rendering of your bite (there is a 50% off discount for the impression kit below!).  


The quality of treatment across patient types is impressive and the ability to get guidance from a real orthodontist is great.  We found customer service and the ordering process to be superb.   

Treatment time

Patients using Candid aligners typically get the results they want in about 6 months.  Its important to note that treatment times may vary depending on the state of your current teeth. 


We believe that an at at-home aligner treatment option such as Candid is a phenomenal option as you can get an impression kit done for under $50 and the whole treatment plan for $2400.  This is significantly cheaper than braces.  

Do Candid Aligners Work: The Verdict

YES: Candid is one of our top recommendation for teeth alignment.  

After reviewing dozens of Candid aligners before and after photos, it's clear this at-home smile correction system works. You get affordable dental care at a fraction of the cost of other methods like Invisalign or braces.

Candid offers you complete at-home treatment for correcting your smile. You get professional dental care and monitoring directly through the app, available for Apple and Android. The price tag for the Candid treatment might be higher than other brands, but you get an additional value that justifies the price.

Candid Teeth Aligners: What They Do

Candid teeth straighteners are a set of teeth aligners designed to resolve dental issues like minor overcrowding. Instead of visiting your dentist or orthodontist for the treatment; you complete everything at home.

How to get started with candid aligners

Starting with Candid co aligners is easy. Visit the company website and order an impression kit for $95. They'll ship it to your door, and you take your teeth impressions and mail them back to the Candid Team. Alternatively, you visit one of the Candid Studios near you and let the team scan your teeth for free.

After mailing your impressions or taking your scan, a professional team of qualified dentists and orthodontists look at your results. If they feel you qualify for the treatment, they notify you of your acceptance via the app. Applicants that don't receive approval get a full refund.

The Candid team takes around three weeks to assess your dental situation. They design a set of 22 retainers and mail them to your address. You start using the retainers in the recommended order as per your treatment guide, swapping between them as you progress your way through your treatment.

By the time you get to the last aligner, your teeth are straight.


So, you're probably wondering how much Candid aligners cost? The standard treatment costs $2,400 for a cash settlement. You can pay through credit card or HFA/FSA debit cards on the site for the total amount.

There's an option to take your Candid treatment on credit. You put $399 down and pay $99 per month for 24-months.

The impression starter kit goes for $95, or you have the option of scanning your teeth at a nearby Candid Studio for free. Candid includes the monitoring of your treatment through its app for free.

Candid Aligner REview: The Key Pros and cons


  • Affordable at-home smile correction treatment
  • Professional remote dental consultation
  • Clear aligners for use during the day
  • Option for nighttime aligners
  • Results in three to six months
  • Remotely monitored dental care
  • Easy diagnostic process
  • Free shipping
  • Full refund if you don't qualify as a candidate


  • Not suitable for extensive crowding and spacing issues
  • Candid stores are not available everywhere

Candid Aligners: Frequently asked questions

Does Candid allow reimbursement through insurance?

Yes! There's a good chance your orthodontic care covers your Candid treatment. However, coverage differs between insurers and plans, so check your policy to see if you qualify for reimbursement. Candid aligners insurance options can dramatically reduce the cost of your treatment. Call your insurer and ask if they cover treatments featuring the D8040 code.

Do Candid aligners fix overbites?

Candid aligners overbite treatment is fast and effective, ensuring that your jaw and teeth have perfect alignment.

Does it hurt when wearing Candid aligners?

Candid aligners pain problems come from the teeth adjustment to the aligners' new position. Your teeth might feel uncomfortable for the first 15-minutes after fitting or removing the aligner.

Candid vs. Smile Direct – Which is the better option?

Both options offer you excellent smile correction. The treatment results are similar, but Candid offers at-home scanning and monitoring through its mobile app. Candid is more expensive than Smile Direct Club, but ultimately you have to choose which company you feel most comfortable working with.

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