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Cheap Braces for Kids: Choosing The Right Option

The best time to care and straighten a person’s teeth is when they are a child or in middle or high school. Their bones are still forming, and their jawlines are shifting and changing every year. As long as they receive the right type of dental care and wear a retainer after their braces are removed, they should keep their teeth straight and beautiful throughout their life. But with so many new and improved dental correction methods out on the market now, which cheap braces for kids should you choose? Should they even choose metal braces or embrace an alternative?

Best cheap dental correction options

If you want to correct your child’s teeth before they reach the age of 18, then there are several options for a parent to choose from. But some options are more accessible than others, especially when it comes to price. Metal braces were once the cheapest, but now there is more variety. And it is true that the cheapest option is not always the best option, especially when it comes to hidden fees and convenience.

Here are the best kid-friendly alternatives to correct and straighten their teeth:

Ceramic braces – Ceramic braces are like metal braces, except they are far nicer to look at. Ceramic braces need to be maintained by a dentist every one to two months. So you will have to make each appointment, schedule a part of your day to make the appointment, and pay for each visit. The true cost of ceramic braces is much higher than one might expect. And say goodbye to popcorn and gum, along with a few other foods. If your dentists tighten your wires too tight, then you will develop jaw pain and need to reschedule so you can have them loosened.

Invisalign – At one time, Invisalign braces were one of the most expensive options, so many people could not afford them. But because of their rising popularity and how easy people’s dental care is compared to metal braces, it is no wonder why these brace alternatives are so popular. Detachable, clear, and easy to clean, Invisalign braces are quickly becoming the most chosen option. They are available everywhere now, and many insurance policies now provide some form of assistance so the parent does not have to pay all of the costs.

Metal Braces – The most popular option to correct an adult or child’s teeth for more than three decades, everyone knows a few people who have corrected their teeth with metal braces. Depending on how much straightening is needed, metal braces are usually kept on a person’s teeth for one to two years. But metal braces are not so great if you are prone to jaw pain or you don’t like to keep up with strict maintenance and care. And their post-installation costs can easily double their total price, especially when it comes to dentist visits and cleanings. And just like ceramic braces, anyone who wears metal braces has to say goodbye to a few different foods.

Retainers – If your child has straight teeth already and does not require any extra dental care or surgeries besides back teeth cleaning, then purchasing a retainer is the best option for them. Retainers retain the current shape of a person’s teeth, so they don’t move over time. They are easy to care for and meant to only be used when you are asleep. There is no need to bother with them during the day when you are out of the house.

CostsCeramic bracesMetal bracesInvisalignRetainers
Total costs$4000 too $8,000$3000 to $7,000$3499$500 to $1000
Cost per month$75 to $175$75 to $200$99None  

Byte Aligner: Best Braces Alternative for Kids

Your insurance may help you pay for it – Byte Aligners do cost more than traditional metal braces, but you only have to worry about that if you pay for them on your own. Many insurance companies, like HSA, Carecredit, and FSA, among others, will help pay for part of your braces, thus lowering your total cost. Some insurance companies may pay for the entire treatment, so you never have to pay a dime!

Easier to care for – If your child wears Byte Aligners, it will be much easier for them to clean, and they won’t have to avoid eating certain foods. The only real downside to wearing Byte Aligners is that they might get lost if your child puts them down, but if you keep them in their carrying case, it will be just fine.

Costs of Byte Aligner

Byte Aligner, down payment$349
Byte Aligner, per month$83
Byte Aligner, total costs for per month$2,763
Byte Aligner, One time payment$1,895

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