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Cheap Braces for Students: Affordable Teeth Straightening Options

Students, no matter what income their parents have, need braces if they want to have healthy teeth for the rest of their life. Without braces, some people have misshapen jaws and constant tooth and muscle pain for the rest of their life. So braces should be considered a necessity.

But not all students can afford $10,000 braces. Some students buy the cheapest braces possible so their teeth are fixed but they’re budgets are not destroyed. What are some cheap braces for students that are both affordable and are good-quality? Here are a few options that are in any student’s price range. There is Celebrate Dental and Smile Direct Club, but the best option for students is Byte Aligners.

Cheap Braces at Celebrate Dental

When people who are on a budget sign up for Celebrate Dental, they celebrate. If a student lives in the Southwest United States like Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Nevada, this is one of the best dentist franchises for them to get braces.

The types of braces Celebrate Dental offers are the: traditional metal braces, Invisalign trays, headgear, removable retainers, and archwire fittings and elastics.

Certified Orthodontists will create each and every one of Celebrate Dental’s patient plans and maintain braces. They also evaluate the health of their patients teeth and adjust the braces and/or mold along the way.

If you trust Celebrate Dental to do your braces, you will not have to worry about qualifying for their payment plan through a credit check. Students have notoriously bad credit because they don’t have any credit or are just starting to build it.

But Celebrate Dental Works with you and do not check credit at all. You don’t even need a down payment, so students who are on a tight budget don’t have to save up for months to start fixing their teeth.

All appointments are face to face, as well as braces and fittings.

Braces – monthly payment plan$120
Braces – One time payment$3800

Clear Braces for Students: Smile Direct Club

Every single patient received a free in-person scan so the dentist and orthodontist can develop a teeth maintenance and care strategy for every patient. The scan is a 3D model of the upper and lower as well as tongue placement and jaw structure.

Smile Direct Club offers two types of braces: 10-hour night time only braces and 22 hour leave in all day braces.  The orthodontist will recommend the best option for each of their patients based on the severity of their teeth misalignment and placement.

The aligner braces and molds are shipped directly to the patient, so there is no need to schedule an appointment.

But an excellent mold of Invisalign Braces is not the only thing that comes with the smile payment options. Whether you choose the single pay one-time pay option or the smile pay per month option, each option will include premium teeth whitening included at no extra cost.

Smile Direct Club also works with several types of dental insurances including HSA, FSA, and even Care Credit. If you qualify, Smile Direct Club can get your insurance to pay a significant amount so the burden of cost is not completely on you.

The patients of Smile Direct Club have two options for dentist visits: in house or at home. If they would like to be seen in office, they must travel to a SmileShop, of which there are more than 30. Many of the SmileShops are in Texas, Florida, California, Nevada, and many other states.

The first visit is a free 30 minute consultation visit where each patient receives a free 3D image and a Bright On lightening pen.

If the patient chooses 4 in-home visits, they will video chat with a dentist or orthodontist at an appointed time and they will have to order an impression kit so a mold can be made of their teeth.

Impression Kit$60 ($90 Before discount)
Smile Pay Deposit$250
Smile Pay payment plan$89
Smile Pay payment plan total$2386
Single Pay$1950

The best cheap braces for students: Byte Aligners

When considering price, payment plans, and quality, the best option for cheap braces for students is Byte Aligners. Everything is done in your home or at their lab.

Not only are Byte Aligners affordable, patients can choose to wear all day Invisalign Braces or nighttime braces.

In order to be a candidate, will have patients take a two minute quiz to determine eligibility.  After you qualify, you must pay $95 for an impression system. It is a kit designed to provide the professionals with a mold of your teeth.

Orthodontists create a mold of your teeth and send it to your home. Each step of the way, you will receive care and attention. There’s also a hotline you can call if you have questions.

Down Payment$395
Impression Kit$95
Monthly payment$89
One time payment$1,895

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