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Cheapest Clear Aligners: Affordable Teeth Straightening Options Compared

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? It's a great way to improve your self-confidence and the first impression you make with people.

However, straightening your teeth can cost you some serious money. If you go with the Invisalign system at your orthodontist, it could set you back as much as $8,000 for the treatment.

We reviewed the leading at-home smile correction brands, looking for the cheapest clear aligners. Here are our top choices for the most affordable products in 2021.


AlignerCo Is The Most Affordable Teeth Straightening Option

Alignerco is the most affordable service provider in the At-home aligner market. The company offers you a price around half of the leading competitors like Candid, SDC, and Byte. With Alignerco, you're getting an orthodontic-designed system and treatment plan, but no follow up.

How Much Does Alignerco Cost?

According to Alignerco reviews, you can get your treatment for a cash price of $1,145. That's an outstanding value. However, Alignerco wants to give you a new smile for Christmas. Using the promo code HOHOHO at checkout, you can get $200 off your treatment costs, bringing the price down to $945.

Why is Alignerco a Good Choice?

With Alignerco, you're still getting an orthodontist to design your aligner system and create your treatment plan. However, since there is no follow-up during the treatment, the costs are lower than other companies like Candid and Byte that prioritize care during your treatment.

AlignerCo Pros and Cons


  • The most affordable aligner offering
  • Orthodontist designs your aligners and treatment plan


  • Trading off price for managed care during treatment

Byte Invisible Braces: Another Cheap Aligner Option

Byte is a new player in the aligner market. Founded in 2017, Byte is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Scott Cohen and Blake Johnson. Byte aligners are making headlines in the market thanks to their reasonable offer and proprietary technology.

How Much Does Byte Cost?

Byte offers a daytime and nighttime solution for your aligners. If you want to take the daytime kit, it costs $1,895 upfront. You can get financing on your kit with no credit check, and $349 down, with payments of $83 per month for 29-months.

The Byte-at-Night system retails for $2,295. You also have a credit option available with a downpayment of $449 and 29 monthly payments of $99. The Byte at night system comes with the Byte Protection Plan included with your treatment.

Why Is Byte a Good Choice?

Byte developed the HyperByte system to accelerate your treatment time. You attach your HyperByte to the aligner during fitment.

The HyperByte device emits a low-level sonic pulse that helps your teeth seat in the aligner properly, reducing discomfort while speeding up treatment times. Byte includes the HyperByte device with the daytime and nighttime aligner set.


  • HyperByte device for easy fitment
  • Accelerated treatment times
  • The most affordable option with a managed care plan


  • No external retail location for free scanning
  • Not as cheap as Alignerco

Candid Invisible Braces: Another Slightly Expensive Teeth Straightening Option

Nick Greenfield is the CEO and chief of Candid orthodontics. Nick believes in his product, and he used it himself to straighten his teeth. Nick's vision is to provide affordable orthodontic care to anyone that needs it, and that's central to the core company values at Candid.

How Much Does Candid Cost?

Candid is one of the more expensive options when it comes to the clear aligner market. If you want to take the system outright, your treatment costs $2,400. You also have the option of financing it for $399 down and 24 monthly payments of $99.

Why Is Candid a Good Choice?

Candid is the only aligner company with a team of orthodontists looking after you during your treatment. Most other companies use a combination of dentists and doctors to save on costs. However, Candid only relies on orthodontists, ensuring you get the best care.


  • Unique teeth scanning tools for follow-ups
  • Managed orthodontic care
  • More affordable than Invisalign


  • Not as cheap as Alignerco
  • The most expensive at-home aligner system
  • No external retail location for free scanning

AlignerCo Are The Cheapest Clear Aligners

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment fitted by your doctor at their office. As a result, the costs of the Invisalign system range into thousands of dollars.

If you're looking for an affordable way to straighten your smile, we recommend going with Alignerco.

Alignerco works with a team of real orthodontists when evaluating your impressions and designing your aligners.

However, that's where the assistance stops; you're on your own after that. You follow the guidelines and hope that the treatment succeeds.

Good news, according to verified Alignerco reviews, it seems the system produces excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clear aligner is cheapest?

Alignerco has the most affordable offering in the at-home smile correction market. With Alignerco, you get a standard price of $1,145. Currently, the company is running a promotion for the holidays, where you can save $200 on your aligners' costs.  With the coupon code HOHOHO, your treatment works out to $945. Considering Invisalign is more than $7,000 for standard treatment, the Alignerco option seems like a great deal for people on a budget.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign?

Yes, at-home clear aligners are excellent alternatives to Invisalign. All three of the brands mentioned in this review save you anywhere from 60% to 80% of the Invisalign system's cost. If you're looking for the most affordable at-home solution, we recommend going with Alignerco.

Why does Invisalign cost so much?

Invisalign requires fitment in your orthodontist's chair. You'll go back to the doctor for checkups every three weeks or so to change out your aligner to the next in the series. Why is Invisalign is so expensive compared to at-home solutions like Alignerco? It's due to all the consultation fees and lab work charged by the orthodontist at your follow-ups.  With Alignerco, you don't get any orthodontic follow up included with your package. Orthodontist's design your aligners, but you don't get any assistance during your treatment phase. With Invisalign, the orthodontist looks after you during every step of the treatment.

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