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Do Candid Aligners Work? The Complete Story

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth? A crooked smile takes away from our self-confidence, making us shy away from social and professional engagements. What if there was an affordable way to straighten your teeth?

Candid co aligners offer you an at-home smile correction service. This company has thousands of testimonials on Google, with pleasing results from the treatment.

Keep reading on if you want to find out if Candid aligners work. 



Candid is more of the newer entrants into the teeth straightening market, providing a seamless experience for using at-home aligners to get the perfect smile.  The aligners are BPA free and have orthodontists approving the process every step of the way.  While the company offers physical locations, the vast majority of patients use the at-home impression kit which is affordable and easy.  


The patients that we spoke with had great results and spoke very highly of the customer experience and the treatment process.  It certainly wasn't painless, but they got the results they wanted.  

Treatment time

Candid aligners have a standard treatment time of around 6 months or so, results can certainly be faster if your teeth alignment issues are mild


While the treatment plan is slightly expensive (still way cheaper than braces), the company wins because it offers a great discount on the initial at-home impression kit so that its less than $50

Do Candid Aligners Work: The Verdict

YES: We recommend Candid as a great teeth straightening solution.  

After looking at Candid before and after photos and examining the countless reviews on Google, we're confident in recommending this company. Candid offers you an at-home smile correction solution that works. You get custom dental treatment for less than half the price of systems like traditional braces or Invisalign.

Best of all, you get monitored dental treatment throughout the process, all through an app on your phone. Candid is a leader in the home smile correction market, with a solid product offering and plenty of stellar reviews.

What are Candid Teeth Aligners?

Candid smile correction services offer you a customized treatment process to correct your smile. You get a set of 22 aligners, with each model pushing your teeth into a new position. Eventually, after going through all 22-aligners, your teeth are straight.

Candid aligners don't require a trip to your dentist's office. With Candid, you can do everything from home. As a result, you save thousands of dollars on the costs of traditional orthodontic treatment. Candid is ideal for people with minor crowding or spacing issues with their teeth.

With Candid, you get access to professional dentists and orthodontists, with monitored dental care throughout your treatment. Download the Candid app, and let the team monitor your progress with your aligners.

How Do I Start with Candid?

To start with Candid, you'll need to order an impression kit. Alternatively, you can visit the Candid Studio in a shopping mall near you. You either take your impressions and mail them to Candid or visit the Candid Studio for a scan of your teeth. The impressions cost you money, but the scan is free.

Candid sends your data to its dental team, where skilled orthodontists and dentists examine your impressions or scan results. If they feel you qualify for the treatment, Candid notifies you through the app. You make your payment, and Candid delivers your set of retainers directly to your door, with free shipping.

After receiving your kit, you can start with your first aligner. Log into your app, and start your treatment, taking note of the checkpoints along the way. In a few months, your teeth with be straight and beautiful.

How Much Do Candid Aligners Cost?

You'll have to initiate things by ordering your impression kit from Candid for $95. However, if you live near a mall with a Candid Studio, drop in and have the Candid team scan your teeth for free.

Candid want to make your at-home orthodontic treatment affordable. While braces and Invisalign systems can cost as much as $8,000, you can start with Candid for $2,400. If the cash treatment price is too steep for your budget, Candid offers a credit solution.

You can start your treatment with $399 down and 24 monthly installments of $99 per month. Now everyone can get the smile they deserve, at an affordable monthly cost.

Candid Aligner REviews: Pros and cons


  • Affordable at-home teeth straightening
  • Remote consultation with professional dentists
  • Nighttime aligners available
  • Fast results in six months or less
  • Free shipping on all aligners
  • Easy and simple diagnostic process
  • Dozens of Candid Studios across America


  • People with severe orthodontic issues don't qualify for treatment
  • A bit more expensive than other options in the market 

Candid Aligners: FAQ

Does Candid work with insurance companies?

Yes! Candid works with several insurers. Chances are you can get coverage under the orthodontic section of your policy. Call your provider and ask them for details.

Do Candid aligners hurt my teeth?

Most users experience mild discomfort for around ten to 15-minutes after fitting or removing the aligner. It's a common issue, and nothing to worry about with your treatment. The discomfort fades fast, and you know you're straightening your teeth.

Does Candid offer nighttime aligners?

Yes, Candid offers a nighttime solution for users who don't want to wear their aligners during the day.

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