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Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club: Top Pick

If you have gapped or crowded teeth, it's a real confidence killer in social and work situations. Fixing your teeth is a high priority, and that's why you're looking for solutions right now.

There are at-home teeth straightening solutions and those you get at the orthodontist's office – which option is the better choice? It makes sense to go with the orthodontic option, right?

In this review, we'll compare Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign to see which teeth straightening system is the best choice for you.


Smile Direct Club is the market leader for teeth straightening with a strong national presence and tested treatment plan 

4.5 / 5

smile direct club reviews


6 months



At-home impression kit




Invisalign TEETH ALIGNER review

More expensive than Smile Direct Club with similar results

3 / 5

invisalign reviews


12 months+



At-home impression kit




Smile Direct Club Vs Invisalign – The Verdict

After reading through the review, it's clear that Smile Direct is the better option over Invisalign.

However, Smile Direct Club offers you the same service at a fraction of the cost. You get the same results with managed remote care, and no need to step into the dentist or orthodontist's office.

With Smile Direct Club, you're saving thousands of dollars over the Invisalign treatment. Considering the outcome is the same, we can't see why you would want to spend 4X on Invisalign over Smile Direct Club.

Is Smile Direct worth it? Well, that's a value decision we leave up to you.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign – How Do They Work?

With Invisalign, you visit your orthodontist's office for an assessment of your dental problem. If you're dealing with minor gapping and crowding issues, the orthodontist will likely recommend you look into an Invisalign solution.

Invisalign is a clear aligner solution. The orthodontist takes impressions of your mouth, using them to build a model of your teeth. The orthodontist produces a set of aligners to manage your treatment, using one aligner every few weeks.

As your teeth transition into the new shape set by the aligner, you progress the treatment by moving on to the next one in the series. Eventually, by the time you reach the last retainer, you have a straight smile.

During the treatment, you'll visit the orthodontist's office every few weeks to check on your progression and prepare for the next aligner. The process is labor-intensive, creating the bulk of the cost surrounding Invisalign treatment.

SmileDirectClub offers the same products as Invisalign. However, instead of getting it in your orthodontist's office, it involves a remote application process. You purchase an impression kit online and have it delivered to your door. You'll use the equipment to take impressions of your mouth and send them into the Smile Direct Club HQ for assessment by the dental team.

With Smile Direct Club, you have the option of using the SmileShops for a free scan of your mouth.

After the scan, you'll wait for the dental team to assess the work involved with correcting your smile. If approved, Smile Direct Club dentists create a set of 22-aligners for you, shipping them to your door,

After receiving your aligners, you log onto the Smile Direct Club site and speak to your care consultant. The consultant has real dental training, guiding you through the transition process. With Smile Direct Club, you never have to set foot in an orthodontic office.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign – What's the Difference?

The key difference between SmileDirectClub and Invisalign is the assessment and process management. With Invisalign, you take trips to your orthodontist's office. While you're there, you get personalized dental treatment to manage the process.

With Smile Direct Club, every happens remotely. You never meet a dentist or orthodontist face-to-face. You interface with your care team through your laptop or mobile device, getting remote care during your treatment period.

However, the final result is still the same – you get a straight smile, regardless of the system you use. Some people may prefer managed care, while others are fine with a remote solution – it's all about your personal preference. However, if you want the most affordable solution, then SDC is a no-brainer.

Another significant difference between Smile Direct Club and Invisalign is the medical certification. Invisalign has a solid reputation in the industry, with the American Dental Association recommending the treatment. The ADA registered Invisalign aligners as a class II medical device.

However, SDC doesn't have any certification with the ADA. SDC claims it's in talks with the ADA regarding registration of its aligner system, but progress is slow.

Is Invisalign Better than Smile Direct Club?

The reality is, Invisalign isn't any better efficacy-wise than Smile Direct Club. The only difference is the managed care in your orthodontist's office. However, Invisalign is not a system designed for resolving severe issues with overcrowding and gapping.

If you have major palate problems, gapping, and crowding, you'll need a traditional orthodontic solution like braces. These solutions are around the same cost as Invisalign, with varying treatment times, depending on the dental problem's extent.

Therefore, Invisalign is like Smile Direct Club, but in your orthodontist's chair – for four times the price. If you have minor dental issues, Smile Direct Club is worth the money, providing you with the same outcome as the more expensive Invisalign system.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign – What's the Price Difference?

With Invisalign, you're going to get fitment for your aligners in your orthodontist's office. You'll also need to see them every time you need an aligner change. As a result, you end up with thousands of dollars in consulting fees and "lab costs," skyrocketing the treatment costs into the thousands of dollars.

An average Invisalign treatment can cost between $6,500 to $8,000, depending on the work involved. That's an expensive solution, and the bulk of the costs come from the consultations with the dental professionals.

With Smile Direct Club, you get the same treatment at a fraction of the cost. Smile Direct Club charges $1,950 for the cash price on its treatment plan. That's 75% cheaper than what you pay for Invisalign, and you get the same product.

Smile Direct Club also offer a credit option with its in-house financing department, SmilePay. SmilePay lets you take the treatment with $250 down and 24-monthly payments of $89.

Pros and cons for Smile Direct club


  • Affordable – up to a 75% saving on Invisalign treatment costs
  • Managed remote care from qualified orthodontists and dentists
  • Available on credit with SmilePay – No credit check required
  • SmileShops available countrywide for free scanning
  • Guaranteed results if accepted for treatment


  • No managed care solution in an orthodontists office

Pros and cons for Invisalign


  • Managed orthodontic care


  • Incredibly expensive – up to 4x the cost of Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club Vs invisalign: FAQ

Does Smile Direct really work?

Yes! SmileDirectClub has the best track record in the at-home smile correction industry. The company has already helped over a million people straighten their smile.

Is Invisalign just as effective as braces?

No, Invisalign and braces are two separate orthodontic treatments. Invisalign is like Smile Direct Club; it can't resolve advanced dental issues like palette problems. For those issues, you'll need treatment in your orthodontist's office.  In some cases, braces are actually cheaper than Invisalign. When it comes to teeth-straightening, Invisalign is the most expensive solution available. Before committing to either option, ask your dentist or orthodontist if Smile Direct Club is an option for you.

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