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NewSmile Review: Are These Teeth Aligners Better Than Invisalign?

It's a new year, and it's time to straighten your teeth. However, a straight smile costs money, and you could end up spending thousands of dollars on your treatment.

If you're looking for the most affordable at-home smile correction solution, we recommend NewSmile.

Our NewSmile review covers everything you need to know about these clear aligners and how they can deliver you the smile you deserve.

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NewSmile Review

NewSmile is an affordable choice for teeth straightening. You get a set of straight teeth for around half the cost of the leading at-home smile correction brands like SmileDirectClub, Byte, and Candid.

However, NewSmile doesn't offer you any follow up for your treatment. If you can handle the thought of going through the process yourself, then NewSmile can save you thousands of dollars on your treatment.

NewSmile Pros and Cons


  • One of the most affordable at-home smile correction brands.
  • It has a good reputation in the market with thousands of positive reviews.
  • No need to visit the dentist or orthodontist.
  • Financing available.
  • Works with insurance and FSA/HSA accounts.
  • Free teeth whitening included.


  • Alignerco is cheaper.
  • No monitored dental care.
  • Only suitable for moderate cases of overcrowding or gapped teeth.
  • No HyperByte or similar device included.

NewSmile Review: What Is NewSmile?

NewSmile is a newcomer to the at-home smile correction market. The company is gaining market share due to its affordable offering and excellent results.

With NewSmile, you get at-home teeth straightening, with no need to visit the dentist or orthodontist. As a result, you end up saving thousands on your treatment.

NewSmile Review: How Does NewSmile Work?

NewSmile makes it easy to correct your smile in three simple steps.

Step 1 – Order your impression kit online. Take your impressions, and mail them back to NewSmile using the included shipping box.

Step 2 – Wait for assessment. The NewSmile dental team examine your impressions and decide if you qualify for the treatment. If approved, NewSmile ask you for payment and start building your aligners.

Step 3 – Receive your aligners and start your treatment. NewSmile ship your aligners directly to your door, along with a copy of your treatment plan. Start with the first aligner in the series and follow your treatment plan's instructions for the best results.

According to user reviews, the average treatment time for NewSmile patients is between four to six months, depending on the extent of their dental issues.

NewSmile offers you options for daytime or nighttime aligners. The nighttime solution only requires a 10-hour wear time instead of the 22-hours needed for the daytime product.

Therefore, the nighttime aligners are ideal for people with service or sales jobs, and can't wear aligners when speaking to other people or clients.

What Does NewSmile Cost?

NewSmile is one of the lowest-cost providers in the at-home smile correction market. The only other brand that comes close to matching its offer is Alignerco. However, Alignerco is a bit cheaper with its standard price comparing the discounted NewSmile pricing.

Currently, NewSmile is running a promotion where you can get your treatment for a discounted price of $1,195. That saves you $400 off the regular price of $1,595. Alignerco offers you the same deal for $1,145.

The reason why NewSmile and Alignerco are so much cheaper than the competition is due to the aftercare. With NewSmile, there's no access to a dental team during your treatment.

After receiving your aligners, you're on your own, and there's no one to advise you on when to switch out your aligners.

How Does NewSmile Stack Up Against the Competition?

SmileDirectClub is the market leader in the at-home smile correction industry. The company boasts a track record of helping more than 2-million people straighten their teeth.

Smile Direct Club retails its aligner system for $1,950, which is considerably more than the NewSmile aligner set. However, you get some level of aftercare and access to the Smile Direct Club dental team during your treatment.,

Smile Direct Club has nighttime options available for the same price as its daytime aligners. However, you might have to spend more if the Smile Direct Club dental team needs to add additional aligners to your treatment plan.

NewSmile vs Byte

Byte is a newcomer to the at-home smile correction market. The company offers you the same monitored remote care during your treatment, with access to real dental specialists.

Byte includes its unique HyperByte device with its day and nighttime systems. The HyperByte attaches to your aligner during the fitment process. The device emits low-level sonic pulses that help the aligner get a snug fit against your teeth.

The result is a faster treatment time and less discomfort during fitment and wear. NewSmile doesn't offer you any aftercare, and there's no similar device to the HyperByte included with your treatment.

However, NewSmile does offer a nighttime solution, and it's a bit more than half the price of the Byte-at-night option.

NewSmile vs Candid

Candid is the leader in the premium segment of the at-home smile correction market. Candid operates Candid Studios countrywide, where you can drop in for a free scan of your teeth.

Candid includes a specialist scanning device that attaches to your cellphone camera. It provides accurate scanning of your teeth during checkups with your orthodontist. The difference with Candid compared to other at-home systems is the follow-up.

With Candid, you get remote access to a real orthodontist during your treatment. Unlike SDC and other at-home smile correction companies, Candid only works with qualified orthodontists.

If you're looking for the closest experience to Invisalign treatment, we recommend going with Candid. However, it's twice the NewSmile price, and it might be out of range for many people.

NewSmile vs Invisalign

Invisalign is the only orthodontist-approved aligner system available. It requires fitment in your orthodontist's office and multiple follow-ups as you progress through each aligner.

As a result, the costs of your Invisalign treatment can be upwards of $4,500, with some full treatments costing $8,000 or more.

With NewSmile, you don't get the orthodontic fitment or follow up during your treatment. As a result, it drops the cost of the system dramatically. There's no aftercare included with NewSmile, saving you on the costs of orthodontic consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NewSmile or Invisalign better? 

If you need orthodontic supervision during your treatment, it's a better idea to go with Invisalign. An orthodontist monitors your treatment process, telling you when it's time to use the next aligner.  As a result, it's an expensive treatment, costing upwards of $4,500. With NewSmile, you get the same results as Invisalign, but there's no monitored dental care.

Is NewSmile clear aligners legit? 

Yes, NewSmile aligners have thousands of positive Google reviews and loads of satisfied user results on the website. The company also featured in prominent publications like, Smile Prep, The Teeth Blog, and The Best Company Awards. The company might have an affordable product, but there's nothing "cheap" about the offer.

How much does NewSmile cost?

NewSmile is one of the most affordable at-home smile correction services. The company typically retails its aligners for $1,595, but it's running a promotion where you save $400.

As a result, you can get your NewSmile treatment for $1,195. That's the best price available, and it compares with Alignerco.

Does NewSmile take insurance?

Yes, NewSmile works with plenty of insurance partners. To determine if you qualify for cover, call your insurer and ask them if your policy covers treatments using the D:8090 code.  If your insurance covers part of your treatment, it can save you up to 70% of the cost!

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