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Smile Direct Club vs Braces: Latest Expert Recommendation

It's time to do something about those crooked teeth. It costs you your confidence in the board room and at social events. Researching your options, you discover Smile Direct Club. Sure, you heard of traditional braces before, but what's with this aligner system from Smile Direct Club?

Should you go with the tried and tested braces method, or take a chance on new dental technology? In this post, we'll pit Smile Direct Club vs Braces in a head to head battle to see which option is better for your smile correction.


Smile Direct Club is the most well known brand in the market for teeth straightening and offers an at-home impression kit

4.5 / 5

smile direct club reviews


6 months



At-home impression kit


Online Support


Traditional Braces

Braces are solid choice for those that prefer to have a hands-on visit with regular in-person check ups by a dentist.  However, they tend to be more expensive than invisible aligners with similar results

3 / 5

smile direct club vs braces


16-18 months



At-home impression kit


Online Support


Smile Direct Club Vs Braces: The verdict

After reading through our Smile Direct Club reviews, it's clear that Smile Direct Club is the better choice over traditional braces.

You don't have to bother with trips to the dentist or orthodontist, saving you thousands of dollars on the cost of your treatment.

The only time you should consider braces or aligners is with severe dental issues. If you have palette problems or problematic crowding, then braces and orthodontic care is the better option.

However, if you're looking to straighten your smile on a budget, and you only have minor dental problems, SmileDirectClub is the clear winner of this showdown.

Smile Direct Club Vs Braces: What's the Difference?

With Smile Direct Club, you get a clear aligner system that corrects your smile. You progress through a series of 22 aligners over three to six months, straightening your teeth. With Smile Direct Club, there's no need to see a dentist, and you get the results you expect.

Smile Direct Club Vs Braces: Which Is the Better Option?

When choosing between Smile Direct Club or traditional braces, you'll need to cater to your current dental condition needs. For severe crowding, spacing, and palette issues, braces are going to be the better option. You need managed care during the process, and an orthodontist guides you through your treatment.

However, if you have minor problems, you don't need braces to straighten your smile. SmileDirectClub uses qualified dentists and orthodontists to design your aligners. You get professional treatment at a fraction of the price of braces.

Smile Direct Club Vs Braces: What are the Costs?

When it comes to the costs of braces, you could end up spending more than $6,500. Braces require follow-ups with your orthodontist for tightening and adjustments. Those consultations cost money and add up to the total price of your braces.

With SDC, there's no need for face-top-face dental consultations. The company does everything remotely, checking in with you on your smartphone during your treatment.

SDC offers an affordable and effective alternative treatment for braces. You order an impression kit or visit a SmileShop at a mall near you for a scan of your teeth. If you qualify for treatment, SmileDirectClub sends you your aligners, and you start using them immediately.

Pros and cons for Smile Direct club


  • Affordable at-home dental straightening
  • No visit to the dentist necessary
  • Remote dental care
  • Fast treatment times
  • Nighttime aligner system available
  • Simple diagnostics and qualification process
  • SmileShops available at malls countrywide


  • Not suitable for severe dental issues

Pros and cons for Braces


  • Dedicated solution for severe dental issues
  • Monitored professional care
  • Sorts out most dental issues
  • Monitored treatment with a dedicated app
  • Night aligners (Byte-at-night) available
  • Monthly payment plans available with no APR or credit check
  • Works with some insurance companies


  • Expensive
  • Require permanent adhesion to the teeth
  • Follow up visits required
  • Extensive treatment periods

Smile Direct Club Vs Braces: FAQ

Should I do Smile Direct Club?

If you're looking to get a beautiful, straight smile, the SmileDirectClub is a viable option. Order your impression kit or visit a SmileShop today to see if you qualify.

Is Smile Direct Club better than braces?

For minor spacing and crowding issues, SmileDirectClub is a better choice than traditional braces. SmileDirectClub aligners are clear and removable, and less than half of the cost of braces.

Does Smile Direct Club Use Orthodontists?

Yes, SmileDirectClub uses real dentists and orthodontists to plan your smile correction treatment. These professionals use the latest in dental and orthodontic technology to create a custom set of aligners to meet your requirements.

Should I do Invisalign or Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club is around a quarter of Invisalign's cost, and you get the same results.

Are there any Smile Direct Club alternatives?

There are plenty of at-home smile correction services. Candid and Byte are a few examples of leading industry brands. However, Smile Direct Club has the best track record, with more than a million satisfied smiles worldwide.

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